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A complete white label solution

Create your branded channel, connect any number of cameras, use cloud camera controls to stream your events or share access with remote creators.

Congra takes away all the pain associated with broadcasting. Connect any new or existing camera from any manufacturer with no need for hardware, servers and on-site devices.

Cross industry turnkey platform

Congra is an ideal events broadcasting platform for individual streamers, as well as companies that install hundreds to thousands of cameras. This includes cases such as sporting matches, performances, conferences, concerts, televised events and any other type of public broadcast.

Platform for marketplaces

Congra is a perfect marketplace for video analytics and data integrations. For example, connect and sync your workout data from trackers, scoreboards with game video feeds. Send your videos for analysis, commentary, editing, graphics and annotation.

Use Congra to integrate and sell your products directly through our platform to make every video engaging and insightful.

Sporting events

Are you managing a facility? Invest in any camera(s), seamlessly integrate video into your workflow or customer service and get passive income from camera infrastructure.

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Scale to unlimited types of events, locations and benefit from global viewership. Manage your cameras, live streams, custom event pages and paywalls in a single app.

All on one platform that you control, with little effort from your side and the fastest time to market.

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